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Coming soon from STARbooks Press: OUT IN HISTORY
—collected essays by Thom Nickels

In OUT IN HISTORY, author and journalist Thom Nickels explores the lives of many prominent gay, lesbian and bisexual people throughout history in a language that exemplifies the marriage of brevity and substance. The numerous and diverse personalities profiled include: Michelangelo, Christopher Marlowe, Bessie Smith, James Baldwin, Thomas Eakins, Marianne Moore, Adrienne Rich, Hart Crane, Cary Grant, Napoleon, James Merrill, Joe Orton, Djuna Barnes, Anna Freud, Lawrence of Arabia, George Sand, Jean Cocteau, Andre Gide, Aleister Crowley, James Dean, Ned Rorem, Gore Vidal, Phillip Johnson and Sal Mineo, to name but a few. Comprised of to-the-point profiles of writers, artists, politicians, architects, world leaders, the famous and infamous, this inclusive tableaux offers a unique perspective seldom—if ever—found in standard historical portraiture that makes for a compelling and informative read. Woven throughout the book’s numerous essays are a colorful history of Nickels’ own [gay and lesbian] Philadelphia; interviews with Quentin Crisp and Allen Ginsberg shortly before their deaths; an in-depth ‘conversation’ with Andy Warhol’s first boyfriend; a loving nod to the brilliance of Susan Sontag, and observations from Episcopal bishop and author John Spong.

Bright, witty, sad, insightful, reflective and controversial, these essays, essentially life stories, will keep you thinking, reading and questioning about what it means to be gay in the current state-of-flux we call modern society. OUT IN HISTORY is Thom Nickels finest achievement thus far.

Praise for Thom Nickels’ writing:

"…The concerns of the human community as a whole are addressed, especially on the spiritual level…Nickels gives ample proof of his ability as a writer…" —Philadelphia Daily News

"These stories possess a freshness, and a glow about them….the essays may be even better: with their balance, their firm opinions, and their judicious yet refreshing development , they remind me of the best work of Addison & Steele…." —Felice Picano, author of Onyx

"In their complexity, vitality, eagerness and passion, (these stories) will engage you in little human dramas that will hold your rapt attention." —Night Beat, Las Vegas

"Pricelessly demented!" —Marilyn Jaye Lewis, Black Books

This book is distributed in the U.S. by PDC. Available in the U.K. and Europe from Turnaround, London, and Bulldog Books in Australia. $16.95 U.S. ISBN: 1891855-39-5

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