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Issue #81, winter, 2005
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An all lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (LGBT) issue!

Chiron Review, a creative writing journal well known in the English academia arena, came to literary life in the Spring of 1982. Chiron Review has even been used as a teaching tool at Princeton and other colleges! Impressive, to say the least!

Michael Hathaway, editor/publisher, has presented readers with the widest possible range of contemporary creative writing—fiction and non-fiction, traditional and off-beat—in an attractive, professional tabloid format, including artwork and photographs of featured writers. About a quarter of each issue was devoted to news, views and reviews of interest to writers and the literary community.

Past contributors include Charles Bukowski, William Stafford, Marge Piercy, Gavin Dillard, Edward Field, Antler, Robert Peters, Joan Jobe Smith, Fred Voss, Janice Eidus, Felice Picano, Lyn Lifshin, Will Inman, Richard Kostelanetz, Lorri Jackson, Ruth Moon Kempher, Charles Webb and a host of others, well-known and new.

The current, and final, issue of Chiron Review contains works by Shane Allison, Antler, Ian Ayres, Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán, Kathleen Balma, John Barton, David Bergman, Lili Bita, Beth Bourland, Kathleen Bryson, Angelique Chambers, David Chorlton, Susan Deer Cloud, David Cope, Louie Crew,
Quentin Crisp, Brian Cronwall, Carl Miller Daniels, Steven Finch, Emile Fischer, Rev. J.E. Flolid, Hugh B. Fox, Sandra R. Garcia, John Gilgun, Anya Graber, Michael Hathaway, Jane Hathaway, Trebor Healey, Walter R. Holland, Janis Butler Holm, Rochelle Lynn Holt, David Brendon Hopes, Michael Huxley, Will Inman, Fabián O. Iriarte, J.R. Kangas, Collin Kelley, Michael Kriesel, Jillian Lauren, Daniel W.K. Lee, Laurie Levinger, Ellaraine Lockie, Virginia Love Long, Fred Lowe, Frederick Lowe, Jeanne Lupton, Trena Machado, Jeff Mann, Vernon Maulsby, Miranda F. Mellis, Dante Micheaux, Jennifer D. Munro, Lesléa Newman, B.Z. Niditch, David Oliveira, Felice Picano, Kenneth Pobo, Jeff Poniewaz, William Reichard, Alexander Renault, Steven Rydman, Arnold T. Schwab, Lenore Senior, Donny Smith, Ellen McGrath Smith, Clifton Snider, Margo Solod, P. Sohar, Spiel, Laurel Speer, Straton of Sardis, Phillip Ward, Neal Wilgus, A.D. Winans, Robert Zaller, and Linda Zeiser.

Back issues are available, all the way back to Issue #1 from 1982, including issues with Charles Bukowski and Lorri Jackson; Vietnam Veterans issue; and one all gay and lesbian issue (#33). Also the editor's all-time favorite issue: #53 with Jack Micheline and Charles Mingus on the cover.

Copies of this last issue are $5. Visitors to the Quentin Crisp Archives website may obtain a copy for $4 if they mention the Crisperanto.org website. Orders should be snailmailed to:

Chiron Review
522 E. South Ave.
St. John, KS 67576

Unfortunately, Chiron Review is not set up for credit cards or electronic payments. Checks or money orders are preferred.

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Please note: Chiron Review is closed to submissions.

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